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Flutist, born on 25th of April 1969, in Romania


  • Doctor in Music (2002)
    Master of Music Degree – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA – leadingProfessor Alexander Murray (1994 – 1995)
  • University of Music, Bucharest – Flute Section (1993)
  • George Enescu High School of Music, Bucharest (1987)

Master Classes with:

Alain Marion, Wolfgang Schulz, Pierre Yves Artaud, James Galway

Artistic activity:

Debut at the age of 14, as soloist at the Atheneum Hall (with “Il Cardellino”, by Antonio Vivaldi)Many recitals and concerts as soloist in Romania and abroad: England, France, Spain, Czechoslovakia, North Korea, Germany, U.S.A.

Laureate of national and international competitions

  • “Cultural Merit Medal”, Order of Chevalier, conffered by the Prezident of Romania for excellancy in culture , 2011
  • Actualitatea Muzicala” Magazine for Solo Activity, 2009
  • Composer Union Prize for Trio Contraste, 2009
  • Composer Union Prize for Solo Activity, 2007
  • Liones Club Prize for Best Performance in James Glaway Semniar, 2003
  • Prize of George Dima Academy of Music, Cluj, Romania, 1987
  • First Prize., Concertino – Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1986
  • Praise-worthy Diploma , G.B.Viotti, Vercelli – Italy, 1984 (Chamber music)
  • First Prize at the National Flute Competition, 1985

Participated in national and international music Festivals

  • George Enescu International Festival, Bucharest;- Contemporary Music Festival, Bucharest and Darmstadt
  • Festival of Classical and Contemporary Music, Phoenian, North Korea
  • National Flute Assosiation, Kanssas, USA
  • International Flute Assosiation, Munchen
  • Zeit für Neue Musik, Bayreuth, Germany
  • Wien Modern- Steingreber Festival

Member of the three most important
Romanian contemporary music groups

  • Trio Contraste
  • ProContemporania
  • Profil

Books Published

  • “Joc de oglinzi: (Jeux des mirroires), ed. Libra, 2004
  • “Vârstele flautului” (Flute’s ages), ed Libra, 2005
  • “Despre pietre si pasari”; Of Stones and Birds, ed. Axa Publishing, 2006
  • “Cusca fara gratii”; The Uncaged Cage, ed. Opera Magna, 2010

Radio and TV recordings, CD, DVD

Along 1993, he was Solo Flute at the Radio Chamber Orchestra of BucharestBetween 1993-1998 he was teaching at the Bucharest University of Music Since 1997 he is Solo Flute of the “George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra, Bucharest, Romania.


“It is my pleasure to recommend my former student and assistant at the University of Illinois. His two years in Urbana demonstrated his virtuosic qualities as a player and his enthusiasm and skill as a teacher. He was well-liked and admired by students and faculty…” – Prof. ALEX MURRAY (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA)

“I have known Mr. Stefanescu for nearly 20 years. He is outstanding musician and teacher. He has assisted me in many of my classes in Europe and I have watched his progress, technically and musically over the years where he has grown to be a very mature musician of the highest quality. I have also listened to him on the many CD’s he has made during this period and ma very impressed with his beautiful tone, flawless technique and imaginative choice of repertoire…” – Sir JAMES GALWAY

“The Romanian flutist Ion Bogdan Stefanescu was invited by the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance to give Master classes for students between January 23rd and February 2nd 2006…Our faculty and students were very impressed by the high level of his Master classes… His playing during the flute recital was remarkable, showing Mr. Stefanescu has especially high musical abilities, deep understanding of the music performed and highest performing skills.” – Dr. VLADIMIR SCOLOF, Dean of the Faculty of Composition, Conducting and Musical Education, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

“An extraordinary musician, exceptionally gifted and with a remarkable sensitivity, an artist preferred by any composer to play his compositions, Ionut Stefanescu represents today a reference name in the Romanian music and culture. His doctorate thesis-Techniques and Archaic Tones in the Modern Flute Compositions-is another proof of his artistic maturity, of his complex training, his passion of researcher. We need to underline the outstanding contribution such a paper brings to the development of the Romanian flute art and its efficiency and practical use for the young players, composers and music experts.” – Ph.D. DOINA ROTARU, Composer

“This doctorate thesis represents a very special theoretic contribution of an exceptional artist, the flute player Ionut Stefanescu, a contribution which undoubtedly will help the Romanian musicology better understand what has happened in the literature of the flute contemporary music…It fills an empty spot in the instrumental musicology by deeply analyzing the instrumental repertoire of the latest period of time and even of latter-day, succeeding in clarifying the origins of some tone field innovations which extended the flute acoustic area. “ – Dr. OCTAVIAN NEMESCU, Professor and composer

”We appreciate the originality of the chosen subject and the richness of the information it holds, the intellectual and emotional attachment towards the subject, as well as the analytical skills proven by the candidate. The qualities of the thesis justify the granting of the doctorate degree in music…We congratulate the Ph.D. candidate for the quality of its performance and wish him best of success in his paper writing work in view of its editing.” – Dr. FRANCISC LASZLO, Professor at the “Gheorghe Dima” Academy of Music, Cluj

“Ionut Bogdan Stefanescu-master of the flute family, quite a big family today, playing all these instruments with a lot of skill and sovereign musical science, is one of those artists who harmoniously combines the creative imagination with the spontaneous communication skills and a deep sensitivity of tones…” – AUREL STROE, Composer

“The only flute recital during the “International Week of The New Music 2001” was of the young player Ion Bogdan Stefanescu. His task was bold, first of all because the previous festival editions were brilliantly marked by the art of Pierre-Yves Artaud. So much more important and pleasant was the surprise offered to the audience by the talented Romanian musician. Secondly we need to admit that the responsibility of a recital is not an easy task, having to meet the exigency level of an international artistic competition. Talent, professionalism, perseverance and competitiveness raised this young musician at the present value level-first flute player of “George Enescu” Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra, lecturer at Bucharest University of Music, graduate of Master of Music at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA, valuable beneficiary of some special courses with famous flute players like Pierre-Yves Artaud and Wolfgang Scultz (Germany), Alain Marion (France) and James Galway (Switzerland)…He is an interpreter-explorer, an ardent advocate of the new in art, a surprisingly profound musician for his age and experience-with special skills for the contemporary art of sounds-a convinced vanguardist. His recital stand proof of all these, his performance impressed the select audience, gaining its esteem and the one of some personalities with consistent parsimony towards praise…With an inward personality, very high concentration skills, but flexible, agile, attached to each work in part, Ion Bogdan Stefanescu lived his music and flute. Noble mission, noble living!…” – CARMEN POPA, (“The Nobleness of Living the Flute Music” – The Music No. 3/2001)

To me, the revelation of “The Week” (The International Week of the New Music 2001) was the flute player Ion Bogdan Stefanescu. His imposing stature prevents me from calling him-with due respect, as much as I’d wish-“the little” Artaud. Along the “deans” like Aurelian Octav Popa, Andrei Tanasescu or Ladislau Csedes, the composers have found now a new and excellent messenger in the young and very gifted player Ionut Stefanescu. VALENTIN PETCULESCU (“The Banker of Sounds”, The Musical Event of the Day, July, 2001)

“Here there was, to another extreme, the meeting again with Doina Rotaru’s Concert No.3 for Flute and Orchestra, “The Magic Circle”, dedicated to a very dear instrument to the composer. This time again, Ion Bogdan Stefanescu brilliantly approached the score, proving, besides his playing skills, the ones of showman, so necessary for making the audience part of the artistic act of communication.” – Review on the web site of The International Festival of New Music, Bucharest, 2006

“The surprises started from the very beginning, because in Doina Rotaru’s “Concert”, the musical assembly (which sounded wonderfully) was conducted by the flute player Ion Bogdan Stefanescu, whose warm, bright sound accompanied by an elegant phrasing and a special skill of playing contemporary music, excited the audience. The constant applauses were rewarded with a fragment from the new CD registered abroad and called “The Circuit” (including Romanian works) which was released during the intermission.” – ANCA FLOREA (The Review of George Enescu International Festival, Bucharest, 2005)

“There was a music and poetry performance on Palm Sunday, 2005, at the Romanian Athenaeum with the occasion of Doina Rotaru’s release of “Uroboros” flute music CD registered and presented in an elegant form by the Musical Printing House and played by the perceptible flute player Ion Bogdan Stefanescu. I listened to six of Doina Rotaru’s latest compositions for various types of flutes which Ion Bogdan Stefanescu harmoniously toned, filling us with the sound mystery of this delicate instrument.” – E. TODEA (The Musical Event of the Day No.8, August, 2005)

“I listened to the first world concert “Dialogue” for flute solo of Lucian Metianu, a music breathing the freshness of the carefully restrained thought, as the composer expresses the same lively nature, constructive, brightened by the aura of a heartfelt communication of the flute player Ion Bogdan Stefanescu, a maestro of tone colors.” – DUMITRU AVAKIAN (“Weekend Concerts”-George Enescu International Festival, 2003)

“In two Vivaldi concerts-nicknamed “The Night and The Nightingale-Ion Bogdan Stefanescu touched us by his outstanding phrasing skill, a superb ornamentation technique and a good knowledge of the musical stylistics. It was extremely beautiful the atmosphere created in the slow parts and in the fine concert “The Night”, where Ion Bogdan Stefanescu offered warm, personal tones of great finesse.” DARIA FILIMON (The Passion For the Old Music” Journal de Dimanche, 8 February, 2002)

“The version we listened to last week at the Romanian Athenaeum, of Mozart’s opus (Concert for Flute, Harp and Orchestra), was characterized by the light tone of Ion Bogdan Stefansecu’s flute. His special interpretation, the rich, velvet-like tones suggest more and more clearly a happy filiation to James Galway with whom he studied several times. The range of nuances and the technical strength of Ion Bogdan Stefanescu were in the service of Mozart’s musical message. OLTEA SERBAN PARAU (“The Return” The Literary and Artistic Truth, 27th January, 2004)

“A remarkable freedom of movement is discovered at Ion Bogdan Stefanescu in very difficult stylistic zones; it requires flexibility of mind, a refined sense of tone colors…” DUMITRU AVAKIAN (“The Chamber Concerts of Bucharest Philharmonics Wind Instrumentalists”, The Musical Event of the Day, No.4, April, 2002)

“… Ion Bogdan Stefanescu, one of the most powerful virtuoso of his generation, unfolds a new face of his own performing creativity in each of his performances. He is the type of artist who communicates directly and naturally, devoting himself both intellectually and emotionally, drawing imaginary routes bearing double impressions: of the composer’s and of his own …” LOREDANA BALTAZAR (“Sketch of A Portrait”, The Musical Event Of the Day, August, 1998)

“Fantastic! I saw the flute player Ion Bogdan Stefanescu again on stage after a post-graduation course in USA. He has always been very good. He has always fascinated us by his talent, musical intuition and ease of interpretation. But now he is fantastic. I even dare say he is the best flute player of the day…” IRINEL ANGHEL KIVU (The Musical Event of the Day No. 150, June, 1996)

“Ion Bogdan Stefanescu is not only an exceptional flute player but a well-inspired artist as well. His tone brightness in cantilenas, naturalness and ease of playing the most difficult passages offer the audience the best of satisfactions…” DAN SCURTULESCU (The Musical Event of the Day, 2007)